Applying for Metropolitan Police Recruit (MPR)

The MPR is the entry-level position for sworn officers in the Honolulu Police Department. The hiring timeline depends on current needs and the budgeting process.

The City's Department of Human Resources (DHR) is responsible for the application process and the Written Exam. When an application period and exam date is established, the City's DHR will post the position on their Job Opportunities site, and advertise via local media.

The announcement will also be posted on this website.

Would you like to be notified?

You can automatically be notified when the next MPR announcement opens by submitting a DHR Online Interest Card. You will be notified via email when applications are being accepted.

All forms, information about current job openings, etc., are also available at the DHR website.

View the entire Application and Selection Process or find out more about the Honolulu Police Department.

Police Officer Career